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V22 Media provides consulting and business development for patents, from the structure to design, using a strategic communication to present them globally.
V22 Media was built to make people ride the wave of business, without being overhelmed by market evolution.

Our clients are people who want to realize what exists only in their mind. Passion in what we do is the most important aspect of our agency.

We are inspired by all technologies which look for a better future, saving the environment and improving the society.
We aim to perfection, being cutting-edge and using a problem solving approach moved by love for our work.


Patent Brokering

We help our clients buy and sell valuable patent portfolios. We leverage a database of hundreds of past transactions and a global network of thousands of contacts across the U.S. Europe, and Asia.

IP Analysis and Consulting

We know portfolio analysis. We start by developing a decision-based framework designed to yield actionable insights from the portfolio. Then we leverage a multifaceted technical, business, and legal team to deliver solutions.

Patent Licensing

We assist our clients in designing and executing custom licensing and litigation programs that strike the right balance between risks vs rewards. We specialize in managing today’s turbulent legal atmosphere.

Patent Valuation

Patent value is often in the eye of the beholder. We build valuation models that enable decisions for our clients. We leverage a combination of our proprietary database of hundreds of patent transactions and our deep expertise in patent monetization techniques to establish defensible and insightful valuations for patent sales, licensing campaigns, and mergers & acquisitions.

Representing Industries

V22 Media has experience in a wide variety of industries and technologies. We have helped clients in the Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Networking, Software, e-Commerce, Print & Media, Medical Devices, Bath Equipment and Gardening retail industries.

From organizational structure to the implementation of multi-year monetization plans, we advise on the most difficult IP decisions.

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if you have an idea, we are the mean to make it reality


we support you in reaching your purpose: relying on an equal relationship, we want to valorise the right strategies and proceedings useful to get your aim


People have a good opinion of us because we manage them in their projects, leading them to a concrete result

Digital Experts

we offer forefront solutions, in step with the times, spendable in various sectors, using advanced tools

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